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Most traditional land based casinos offer blackjack at betting limits that may or may not meet the needs of today's gamblers. It's rare enough to find a blackjack table with a $5 minimum bet, much less a casino offering $1 blackjack. Online casinos, on the other hand, offer low bets and low stakes blackjack as a matter of course.

Why Online Blackjack Can Offer Lower Stakes

It's easy for an online casino to justify the addition of low stakes blackjack tables as part of their offerings. Traditional casinos make decisions about which games to offer and where based on how much revenue they expect the game to drive compared to the square feet that the game takes up on the casino floor. And casino floor space is a finite number. To maximize profits, casino managers have to make decisions that maximize revenue per square foot.

Online casinos aren't hamstringed by this consideration. It requires no more "space" for an online casino to offer $1 blackjack games than it does to offer $5 blackjack and up. Since everything related to an online casino is virtual in nature, space just doesn't become an issue.

Low Stakes Online Blackjack

Low Stakes Blackjack OnlineAs a result, a savvy blackjack player can find low stakes online blackjack games with low minimum bets. Golden Palace Casino, for example, offers betting limits starting at $1 per hand and going up to $500 per hand.

One consideration to keep in mind when looking for low stakes online blackjack games is whether or not your preferred game uses live dealers. Golden Palace, our earlier example, has a table minimum of $5 at the live dealer tables. When an online casino starts using live dealers, overhead increases. And increased overhead results in the same considerations regarding revenue versus resources that were discussed earlier in this article.

Microgaming and Realtime Gaming casinos also offer low stakes blackjack games. Riverbelle Casino, for example, offers blackjack games ranging from $1 to $200 per hand, and Bodog Casino offers blackjack games with betting limits ranging from $1 per hand to $500 per hand.

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